(Dys-)Function Points

‘ello Guv.

To remind yer noggins of the grading criteria, here they are. Our splendid solutions are included below each criteria. Jolly good. :

– FP calculation exists for old use cases and at least three new use cases (this calculation goes into the UC document)

Right here, UC documents not linked, they’re in our github if actually care (You don’t)

– This calculation is entered into the UC document –>>> make sure you also show the calculation for WHY something is simple, medium or complex (DET, RET, FTR calculation)

Nevermind, you have to care. Here’s the github

– There is a graph showing velocity (ie. hours spent vs. FP – one dot for each UC)

Right, here it is. <- That thing sucks

Here’s the fixed graph.

– Outliers in the graph are explained

Well, the outliers are things we planned without using function points, so… you’d expect them to be outliers, eh?

– new UC are estimated using the graph

That’s why they’re on the line, duh.

Last but not least, the complexity adjustment table

The theme of todays gif show thanks to Fabian and Avelina: Bushes and Trees. Enjoy and take care.




Risk Plan

Hey Guys,

today we are going to show you our risk assessment as well as the Use-Cases which will be implemented in this semester.


Risk-Management (Github)

This is the time estimation for each Use-Case:

Time Estimation (Github)

And those are the corresponding Use-Cases:

Summary until mid-term


this blogpost  contains all the links to the documents we created during the last three months, you can also find everything if you browse through our blogposts.

Software Requirements Specification

Software Architecture Document

Gantt Chart



Two healthy Sprints:

Since we are programming an Android-App distributing a live version is not possible, but here is an link to the APK file you can install on your Android device or emulator.