Unit Testing/Coverage (Another One, Another One)

animat-linechart-colorOyyyy, animat-linechart-color

Since the first round of testing was such fun we opted to make second round where we also took a look at our codecoverage.

You can take a glance at our glorious coverage badge on our git repo: LINK

We also edited the Testing Plan: LINK

funkychickenGreetings funkychicken


4 thoughts on “Unit Testing/Coverage (Another One, Another One)

  1. Hello from MuM,

    you have nearly 30% code-coverage, so you meet the expectations for this week perfectly. You also linked your testplan, and it contains three different tests, just as requested. So, you did an amazing job this week! Keep it up! 🙂

    Kind regards, MuM.


  2. Hi,
    your test coverage looks not so bad. But I have to remember you that you should delete stuff you don’t need in your Testing Plan, like the n/a with titles. Additionally I wasn’t able to find where you certificate that your installation test is successfull.

    Much Greetings


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