Unit Testing

Hi Guys,

this week we prepared some amazing JUnit test.

Here is a screenshot from our gradle file, which should prove to you that we are using JUnit (Because the screenshot from a testresult may be faked of course).

Screenshot from 2017-05-03 08-56-45

Here is the Test-Screenshot:

Screenshot from 2017-05-03 09-02-34

Link to Test-Code (Click on the turtle): turtle1dancing

And this fellow link will lead you to our testing plan


4 thoughts on “Unit Testing

  1. Hello from MuM,

    you did everything requested for this week, good job! 🙂
    The only thing we are missing would be a link to your test plan. Maybe you could add that.

    Kind regards, MuM.


  2. Hey SilverScreen,

    your work looks good to me, seems to meet all the criteria. Link to test code is there as well as a screenshot of the JUnit test running in your IDE. Proof of gradile file is also there. The Test Plan document could perhaps need a bit more detail but at this time it’s not much more than a first draft anyway for every group.

    Good job!


    • Hey cobolds,

      thanks for giving us a review this week.
      The document will be extended in following weeks, so we will have a look at it again for sure.

      Have a nice day


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